Experience matters. Gregory A. Nouch has over 20 years experience working in industry and public practice. Greg's career began at an early age working for his father's firm Veryl M. Nouch Inc. in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. Greg then went on to work in industry for 5 years before purchasing the assets of JD Tax Services in 2002. Due to an increased focus on corporate year-ends and accounting the firm was renamed to JD Tax & Accounting Inc. in 2006. Greg's analytical skills, attention to detail and determination are only one of the few reasons you should hire him as your accountant. Greg is also very computer savy and manages the network and VOIP phone system at the office. Personality wise Greg has often been described as a very honest, to the point and straight forward type of guy who takes the interest of his clients above his own. It has been rumored that Greg has been seen doing payroll calculations for his clients even while on holidays.


No job is too small. Our clients range from one man construction proprietorships to medium sized corporations with multiple staff and holding corporations. Our firm is a one stop for all of your accounting or bookkeeping needs. In public accounting continuity is extremely important for the accuracy and integrity of the financial reporting. Doing all of our client's bookkeeping and payroll in house ensures critical information isn't lost in translation when dealing with a third parties. This "one stop shop" mentality allows us to streamline the entire process creating greater efficiency which ultimately results in cost savings that is passed down to our clients.