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Experience matters. Our accountants have over 20 years' experience working in industry and public practice. Due to an increased focus on corporate year-ends and accounting the firm was renamed JD Tax & Accounting Inc. in 2006. We pride ourselves for our analytical skills, attention to detail and determination. These are only a few of the reasons you should hire JD Tax and Accounting Inc. for all of your accounting needs. We are technologically savvy and keep up to date on all of the new programs and software being developed in the accounting industry. Our accountants are honest, to the point and straight forward.  We take a lot of pride in our work and put our clients' needs above our own. We are available to our clients year-round and make sure our clients' needs are always met.​


No job is too small. Our clients range from a one-man construction sole proprietorship to medium sized corporations with multiple staff and holding corporations. Our firm can handle all of your accounting or bookkeeping needs including personal taxes and estate returns.  In public accounting continuity is extremely important for the accuracy and integrity of the financial reporting. Doing all of our client's bookkeeping and payroll in house ensures critical information isn't lost in translation when dealing with a third party. This "one stop shop" mentality allows us to streamline the entire process creating greater efficiency which ultimately results in cost savings that is passed down to our clients.

We prepare financial statements for tax and management purposes only - Compilation Engagements formerly Notice to Reader.

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We specialize in small to medium sized business accounting and tax preparation in Langley City, B.C. Our firm focuses on corporate year-ends, small business, personal tax, trust & estate returns and bookkeeping. We have been doing taxes and corporate year-ends for over 20 years and there are very few situations we have not seen before. Free 30 minute initial consult.

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