What is Coaching?

The purpose of coaching is to help my clients tap into their true potential.  It is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing individual which connects at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision. I focus on a positive solution based approach. We will not dwell on the past but look forward to the future and the possibilities that lay before you and your business.  I will assist my clients with improving their own performance and to create plans and make the decisions they want to make to improve their business and life.

What will you get out of your Coaching sessions? 

You will work through various concerns you may have related to your business, work, life, relationships or career. I will take you through various techniques such as visualization exercises, discovering your values and creating concise action plans.  Each session you will walk away with concrete actions steps that you can practically apply to your particular situation. Your session will leave you feeling empowered and in control of your future. With our monthly coaching plans we will continue to develop your skills and you will be able to take on any challenge that may come your way. 

Areas of Coaching

Relationships: The relationship of the people in the company is the human glue that holds the company together and allows it to operate at its maximum capacity. A coach helps you get to really know your people, their needs and what motivates them.


Emotional Awareness: Briefly this has to do with being able to handle situations with compassion through self-awareness and self-discipline. The best managers score high in emotional awareness and intelligence.


Feedback: This ranges from active listening to formal assessment tools and reports about an executive’s performance, behavior and possible blind spots. Feedback enables the executive to create development plans that increase performance, sometimes through behavior modifications.


Listening: Listening is the key to being an effective coach. It can be lonely at the top. An executive may need a listener and effective dialogue to sort through issues and decisions. A coach knows the kind of questions to ask that lead to insights and to openings for action for the executive in his or her accountabilities.


Stretch and Risk: We will push ourselves outside of our comfort zone with the support of a great coach.


Commitment: Re-examining goals and values from a holistic approach. Being a CEO, president, or manager is not who you are in life. It is only one aspect of a full life of friends and family and interests. How do we keep harmony in all of these areas?


Effective Communication: The gift of language is a tool. Speaking and listening do only one of two things in life; they create or destroy. Know the difference and honour the tool.


Personal Power: Where does it come from, other than knowledge?


Passion: What is it—and what is yours? We think our passion as those things we love to do. I say those things are an expression of our passion, that our passion is our gift, what we make available in the world; our purpose. What will be your legacy?


Strategic Design: Creating and implementing personal or corporate Vision, Mission, Purpose and core values.

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